Marine Cargo

All the goods which are for transit can be insured either for distribution in the Greek state or for import/export. Generally, an official document of the transport by a public forwarder (way bill/bill of lading etc) is a prerequisite except in case of transportations in the Greek state with private lorries, where the consignment note is enough. The transport can be by road, air, sea or railway. The terms of insurance, are those established by the Institute of London Underwriters and used by the market, with the most common the Clause A (All Risks) and the risks of strikes, riots and civil commotions. Concerning the transportation by ships and airplanes, dangers of war can be insured as well.

Additionally, the following covers exist:

  • Transport’s agent liability
  • Forwarder’s liability
  • Logistics company liability

Head of Marine Cargo Branch
Eleni Varouhaki, tel.+30 210 6772412, email: