The company's Rich Heritage

Embarking on its journey in 1904, our company boasts over a century of unparalleled experience in the Greek market. In 1980, we made a significant move by selling our portfolio to GENERALI, which we represented until that point.

From 1981 to 1987, we proudly assumed the role of General Agency for Greece, representing the esteemed COMPAGNIE D' ASSURANCES NATIONALE SUISSE.

When Law 1569/85 abolished General Agencies, we, Capuano S.A., gracefully transitioned into the role of an Insurance Broker. It is important to note that as an insurance broker, we act exclusively on behalf of the insured, driven solely by their best interests. We are not bound to any specific Insurance Company, allowing us to select the optimal choice for our clients.

In November 1997, we achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first Insurance Broker company to receive ISO 9001:2008 certification for the "design, production, and provision of Insurance Brokerage Services."

Our journey continued to flourish by being chosen in October 2006 as the local partner of the esteemed multinational German Insurance Broker, FUNK. Building on this success, we further solidified our presence by becoming the local partner of the world's largest multinational private Insurance Broker, LOCKTON, in December 2013.

Today, we proudly manage a premium portfolio that places us among the leading companies in the Greek market. Our distribution stands as follows:

• Life and Health (group insurance): 42.5%

• Property and Technical Insurance: 31%

• Marine: 6%

• Motor: 7.5%

• Other: 13%

Our Comprehensive Services

• Insurance Risk Assessment and Placement

• Claims Management for all businesses

• General Information and Updates on new insurance products

• Reinsurance Risk Placement

CAPUANO S.A. possesses profound expertise in group staff, life, accident, hospital, and group pension insurance policies. Simultaneously, we hold extensive experience in managing major risks within the property sector, including industrial and commercial risks. Moreover, we have diligently crafted the most comprehensive residential insurance policy available in terms of coverage. Additionally, our proficiency extends to marine insurance and encompasses coverage related to financial institutions. Beyond Greece, we have forged partnerships across the European Union and the Middle East.

The Company's Future

With a foothold in foreign markets such as Romania and Cyprus, our company eagerly explores expansion opportunities with a keen focus on international outreach and growth.

The premium portfolio managed by the company classifies it among the biggest broking companies in the Greek Market with a gross premium income exceeding € 10.000.000 (2014) which is split as follows:

Life and Health (mainly Group policies)42,5%
Property and Technical Insurance:31%

Services Offered

  • Risk appraisal and placing
  • Loss appraisal and adjusting
  • Product advisory
  • Reinsurance placing
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio Management


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