Technical Insurance

Technical Insurances cover the danger of damages from an accidental and unpredictable fact, as well as the financial loss and liability for the following insurance categories, such as:

  • Construction All Risks (CAR) refers to the insurance for any damages and liability that may occur during the construction: urban (residencies) / industrial (factories, storehouses etc) / public works (roads, bridges, ports etc). the cover refers to individuals as well as companies.
  • Erection All Risks (EAR) it doesn’t refer to individuals but mainly to industries. It covers similar dangers as the above mentioned CAR insurance, but in this case the values of the machinery exceed the values of the construction works.
  • Machinery break down for industries covering accidental damages and financial loss due to machinery break down.
  • Electronic All Risks covering computer damages and optionally the cost of reestablishment of files and reproduction of programs.
  • Wind parks where the damages from an accidental and unpredictable fact are covered as well as the machinery breakdown and the financial loss during the construction and the operation.
  • Solar parks where both periods of construction and operation are covered as well as financial losses due to an insured peril to the panels, gear and equipment
  • Hydroelectric plants covering the construction, operation and financial losses

Head of Technical Insurance Branch
Lila Arvaniti, tel.+30 210 6772411, email: