Established originally in 1904, CAPUANO SA carries over 100 years of experience in the Greek market. It represented GENERALI in Greece until 1980 when the company’s client portfolio is sold to its principal GENERALI.

From 1981 to 1987, when Law 1569 abolishes General Agencies, the company was acting as General Agent for COMPAGNIE D’ ASSURANCES NATIONALE SUISSE. Since then, CAPUANO SA is working as an insurance broker.

In November 1997 the company was the first and still is the only Insurance Broking firm in Greece to be certified according to TUV EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for “the quality of the design, production, and delivery of insurance services offered in the field of assurance brokers“.

In December 2013 the company was selected as a servicing partner by LOCKTON and therefore it has the possibility to place business worldwide.

The premium portfolio managed by the company classifies it among the biggest broking companies in the Greek Market with a gross premium income exceeding € 10.000.000 (2014) which is split as follows:

Life (mainly Group policies)32%

Services Offered

  • Risk appraisal and placing
  • Loss appraisal and adjusting
  • Product advisory
  • Reinsurance placing
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio Management